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State-of-the-art clinical research facilities and laboratories to support large-scale multipurpose clinical trials

Veeda has skilled clinical trial researchers and support staff who can advise on and support the delivery of complex or high-intensity experimental research.

A broad range of accreditations and certifications ensure stringent quality management in all aspects of our organization. Consistency and quality are key. Veeda meticulously monitors laboratory results with daily instrument calibrations and an extensive internal quality control program.

Our quality assurance (QA) department is responsible for issuing and reviewing standard operating procedures and working instructions and for performing internal audits, and hosting sponsor audits.

The global laboratory facilities, standardized testing platforms, comprehensive test menu, and stellar project management teams allow Veeda to set up fully customized projects for its clients. Combined with clinical research expertise and rich experience, Veeda offers a fully integrated solution for your clinical development needs.

Clinical and Screening Facility Mehsana, Gujarat

  • 162 beds in temperature controlled clinical investigation areas.
  • Special Care Units for intensive monitoring.
  • Well-equipped, controlled access, on-site pharmacy.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled archive facilities both on and off side.
  • FSSAI certified catering vendor for specific dietary requirements (available onsite and offsite)

Clinical and Bio-analytical Facility Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  • 170 beds in temperature controlled clinical investigation areas.
  • Special care units for intensive monitoring.
  • Well-equipped, controlled access, on-site pharmacy.
  • In-house catering for specific dietary requirements.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled archive facilities both onsite and offsite.

Dedicated Clinical Facility Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  • 201 beds in temperature-controlled clinical investigation areas.
  • Monitored beds and Special Care Units for intensive monitoring.
  • MAC 5000 ECG machines, Dash 4000 Wall-mounted cardiac monitors.
  • Well-equipped, controlled access, on-site pharmacies.
  • In-house catering provides specific dietary requirements.
  • Infusion pumps & Syringe pumps to carry out Glucose-clamp studies.
  • Temperature and humidity controlled archive facilities both onsite and offsite.

Bio-analytical Facilities Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  • Laboratory facilities include: dedicated sample storage area, sample preparation area, instrument rooms, and documentation area.
  • Deep freezers (-78 °C & -20 °C) and refrigerators for sample storage.
  • High-end equipment - 5 API 5500 and 09 SH 8050
  • Sample Preparation area has Liquid extractor, Solid phase extraction processors, pH meter, Milli Q water System and centrifuge for sample processing.

Volunteer Screening Facility Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  • Registration and Screen Facility for trials conducted at clinical facilities in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • Paperless screening process (except consent and registration forms)
  • Registration process is done through CRONOS software

Archival Facilities,

  • Interim archival facilities (dedicated to every laboratory and facility) – Ahmedabad, Mehsana
  • Long term archival facilities – Unjha & Changodar
  • Common archiving process followed across all facilities
  • Documentation in forms and log-formats for Archival, Retrieval and Re-archival, transfer of documents (between different archive locations) of hard copy and electronic data

Bioanalytical Laboratory – Ahmedabad

Veeda Clinical Research has a state-of-the-art Bioanalytical Laboratory equipped to cater to a variety of Bioanalytical Research needs at two locations – Insignia and Vedant. The Bioanalytical research equipment facilitates the depth of Bioanalytical research expertise required for executing various activities ranging from small molecule PK studies to Immunogenicity testing, Complex Bioanalysis, and Elemental Bioanalysis.

All Bioanalytical methods were developed in-house with the innovative thought processes of our expert Bioanalytical team, which comprises of more than 250 members. All the senior personnel from the Bioanalytical department have been associated with Veeda almost since the initiation of the department. This stability of the core team brings in the required ownership and accountability for taking the research forward.

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