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01. Our COVID Study Capability
02. DCGI requirements to conduct bioavailability/bioequivalence (BA/BE) studies in India
03. DCGI requirements to conduct clinical trials in India
04. Veeda’s experience with NMPA studies
05. Veeda Updates
06. Large Molecule Capabilities & Experience
07. Veeda Patient Based Clinical Trials Experience
08. Psychiatry Trials Capabilities of Veeda
09. Glucose Clamp Study Capabilities of Veeda
10. Veeda Biosimilar Capabilities
11. Veeda's expertise in handling Inhalation studies
12. Pharmacovigilance Services
13. Oncology Trials Capabilities of Veeda
14. Veeda Clinical Research Experience & Capabilites
01. Determination of Doxorubicin in Human Plasma
02. Approach for Quantitation of Iron in Human Serum Samples
03. Patient Based Pharmacokinetic Study
04. Workshop on Design Considerations of Bioequivalence Studies
05. Best Clinical Research 2018 Award
06. Renal Cell Carcinoma PK studies
07. Ophthalmology Pharmacokinetic Studies
08. Topical Products Clinical Endpoint Studies
09. Long Acting Anti-Psychotic Injections
10. Liposomal Doxorubicin PK Studies
11. Inhalation Clinical Studies
14. Outlook towards Indian CROs
15. NCE Bio Analysis Capabilities
16. Glucose Clamp Studies
18. Simplifying Patient Based Clinical Trials
19. Bio Analytical Expertise
20. Penicillamine
21. Long acting injectable Anti-Psychotics
22. USFDA-Data Integrity Inspection
24. Protein bound Nano Particles
25. Best Clinical Research Organization
26. Training of Drug Inspectors by CDSCO
27. USFDA - BioResearch Monitoring Program
28. Bioanalytical methods for Challenging Molecules
29. Patch Studies
30. Frost and Sullivan Award

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