A Full-Service Independent Global CRO

Veeda Clinical Research Limited (“Veeda”) together with its subsidiary, Bioneeds India Private Limited (“Bioneeds”), and its joint venture, Ingenuity Biosciences Private Limited (“Ingenuity”), (together referred to as the “Veeda Group”) offers a comprehensive portfolio of clinical, preclinical and bio/analytical services to support innovator, biosimilar and generic drug development programs of our global clientele.

We are an independent, institutional investors owned, Board governed and professionally managed contract research group offering scientific leadership, global quality management systems and long term operational and financial stability through a continuing investment in our people, processes, systems, infrastructure, technology and a deep commitment to quality.

Together, we serve clients globally in the following industries:

● Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical
● Agrochemical and Industrial Chemicals
● Herbal/Nutraceuticals
● Medical Devices

A Reliable Clinical Research Partner to the Pharma Fraternity

The success of a clinical trial is driven by the strategic selection of a reliable CRO. Our vastly experienced team of highly qualified professionals, a comprehensive portfolio of clinical research services to support diverse requirements and a robust Quality Management System guided and nurtured by our quality culture makes us a partner of choice for some of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Advancing Human Life with Scientific Excellence & Constant Innovation

Medical science is on a constant quest to develop better and more effective treatments, prevent diseases and provide accurate cure to human life. We aim at being a catalyst in this quest of advancing medical science forward.

We strongly believe in scientific excellence through teamwork and this has helped us rise to become one of the most competent partner for the (Bio) pharmaceutical companies across the globe.

Veeda constantly strives to be a partner for the pharmaceutical world by bridging the gap of bringing a therapy from Lab to Shelf and thereby contributing towards achieving the human ambition of having a longer, healthier and happier life.

Our Broad Range of Specialized Services

Pre Clinical Research and Development

Offering cutting edge Drug Discovery and Development services to support medicinal chemistry, biology, toxicology, Process R&D, formulation, analytical development and more.

Bioavailability & Bioequivalence (BA/BE)

Helping pharmaceutical companies accelerate their regulatory submission and drug approval applications with our regulated bioequivalence and bioavailability studies.

Bio Analytical

Offering a full range of Bio Analytical Services supporting various aspects of the drug discovery and development to understand and estimate the complexity involved during execution.

Early Phase Clinical Development

Managing early phase clinical trials safely and efficiently in healthy volunteers & patients.

Late Phase Clinical Development

Offering comprehensive services for Phase II-IV clinical trials along with feasibility studies, regulatory submissions, site management, data management and more.

Bio-Pharmaceutics & Data Science

Delivering robust analysis and reports to ensure that projects stay on track, on time, and within budget.

Biologics & Biosimilars

Developing your biological drug in the clinical environment which is mandated for its acceptance in the major markets of the world.

Post Marketing Surveillance

Offering broad spectrum of high quality, flexible, cost effective and scalable safety monitoring services that can fit seamlessly into your process.

Veeda has experience of handling studies in various therapeutic segments


Your Trusted Partner for Oncology Clinical Trials

Overcoming the complexity in oncology trials, Veeda has completed oncology, PK and Phase II studies while other oncology studies are at different stages of execution. Having an extensive experience in 30+ Molecules, we have recruited 900+ patients in different oncology indications.


Achieving your Dermatology Clinical Study objectives effectively

With database of 75+ dermatologists with registered IEC, we provide highest quality and efficient clinical study design for your dermatology studies. We have conducted detailed feasibilities for various dermatological products in indications like impetigo, tinea pedis, scabies, cold sore, atopic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, etc across 50 sites. We have recruited 450+ volunteers across multiple studies that also include females-only trials such as the estradiol transdermal system.


Providing a leading edge for all your Ophthalmology Trials Requirements

We have delivered success in clinical endpoint phase III studies of wet age related Macular Degeneration, Uveitis and Cataract patients with over 400 patients and 45+ active sites. With a database of 80+ Investigators comprising of retinal specialist and ophthalmologists, we are your trusted partner for any ophthalmology trials requirements.


Think Rheumatology. Think Veeda

At Veeda, our rheumatologists understand and treat myriad of diseases in this area. Our therapeutic experts can support programs in rheumatology with knowledge gained from past programs with similar populations, therapies, and investigative sites.


Your Preferred CRO for Gastroenterology Clinical Trials

At Veeda, we understand gastroenterology and complex study and protocol designs across multiple indications. We offer extensive expertise in the gastrointestinal therapeutic area of clinical trials with experience of Phase I/II PK or PD studies involving drugs acting systemically or locally in the GI tract.


Bringing your Cardiology Clinical Trials to Life

Our experience spans across a wide range of cardiology indications, including arrhythmias, hypertension, dyslipidemias, and congestive heart failure. We have sites equipped with telemetry and staffed by a trained cardiac team with an excellent track record in executing cardiovascular clinical studies.


Advancing Healthcare with ENT Clinical Studies

Our clinical trial team is equipped with an experienced Investigator database for conducting ENT studies across hearing and balance disorders. With a focus on ENT indications, we bring clinical knowledge with operative excellence to the design of your clinical trials and work towards creating a healthier tomorrow.


Creating a Healthier World for Women with Gynaecology Studies

Veeda's team has experience of working on many clinical and Phase trial projects of women's health, including Gynaecology. Our expertise in relative indication with a robust Investigator database and Patient pool across India provides our clients with quality and delivery in the required timeline of trial data. We are your CRO partner of choice for full-service clinical trial design and execution for Gynaecology studies.

What Makes Veeda Special?

Patient Safety at the Core of Our Trials

The clinical research industry has come a long way from viewing patients as mere “subjects” to playing an integral part in the success of clinical trials. Subject and Patient safety is of utmost importance for Veeda and we take all measure in terms of infrastructure and resources to ensure the same.

Life at Veeda

The most valuable asset of an organisation is its human talent, and at Veeda we cherish our culture of diversity and inclusion. Our aim is to create an unparalleled Employee Value Proposition through innovative Learning and Recognition initiatives that puts our employees at the center of everything we do.

What our Clients say about us?