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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Veeda is born out of a noble mission of preserving and safeguarding the quality of human life. Its work ethics is based on the philosophy that the organization has a great responsibility towards improving and promoting human life and the environment we live in.

Veeda fulfills its mission of corporate social responsibility by setting up schools, colleges in remote areas of the country, collaborating and joining hands with NGOs, voluntary organizations, institutions and working towards the upliftment of the under privileged. A sense of corporate social responsibility is instilled into the employees by encouraging them to volunteer in various charitable and philanthropic activities in and outside the company.

Some of the CSR initiatives at Veeda are:

  • Blood Donation camps.
  • Collection of school stationeries to distribute to school children in remote villages.
  • Collection of clothes & other useful household items for people in socially backward areas.

We always welcome and encourage employees who are passionate towards helping others to join company's CSR initiatives and take forward our mission of social responsibility through innovative ideas and suggestions.

A well formed nation is always built from well formed minds and that requires a good measure of education to almost all the citizens of that nation. India surely has achieved the rate of literacy to 74% from 16% in a span of 70 years, but the level of knowledge and resources of education are still lacking. To have this and to have a nation complete with well formed minds, Veeda believes that we should start the change in the classrooms to broaden our scopes in India and outside the India as well. Education, being a pillar of the formation of society and thus the nation, should be given utmost importance. In India, many children living in rural areas or out-range villages lack education due to lack of resources and financial aspects. Hence, veeda decided to extend their helping hands by providing those deprived children proper resources and knowledge so that they don’t only learn the text book materials, facts or teacher literature, but also can learn to process the information that hasn’t studied or heard before; and that will ultimately can be initiation of well-formed minds.

Shaarda-shishu Sanskar Vidyalaya
Akshaya Patra
Jivdaya Trust
Cloth Distribution