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Vaccines: Clinical Bioanalytical Solutions

Vaccines: Clinical Bioanalytical Solutions

At Veeda Biopharma, we specialize in providing cutting-edge clinical bioanalysis services for vaccines, with a focus on measuring primary immune responses like Immunoglobulin (IgG) titre/ concentration estimations, viral neutralizing assays (PRNT, SNT/MNT, and PVNA), and other vaccine dependent secondary responses like cell-mediated immunity. Our expertise covers a wide range of clinical analysis for vaccines, including Bacterial, Viral, and VLP-based vaccines. With a dedicated team of experienced scientists and the availability of state-of-the-art facility, we are committed to advanced vaccine research and development.

Vaccine Immunology: Bacterial & Viral/VLP Analysis

Bacterial Vaccines

Veeda specializes in the clinical bioanalysis of bacterial vaccines (Pneumococcal, Typhoid, Meningococcal, Haemophilus influenzae, etc.), offering a nuanced understanding of immune responses against bacterial pathogens. Our tailored approach ensures a detailed examination of vaccine-induced immunity and its effectiveness in conferring protection.

Viral/VLP Vaccines

From traditional inactivated viral vaccines (Poliovirus, MMR, Varicella, etc.) to VLP-based vaccines (HPV, Zika, JEV, Influenza, etc.), our bioanalytical assessments deliver precise insights into efficacy and safety profiles. Our focused approach dissects the unique immunogenic characteristics, providing essential data for the development of robust viral and VLP-based immunization strategies.

Precision Bioanalysis for Vaccine Development: Partnering for Progress

Primary end-point Analysis

Our advanced analysis evaluates vaccine efficacy comprehensively. Utilizing sophisticated techniques, we gauge the vaccine’s impact on primary immunogenicity endpoints like vaccine-specific immunoglobulin estimation (titre or concentration-based approach) for accurate interpretation aiding in refining development.

Secondary end-point Analysis

Our capabilities also include the determination of neutralizing antibody presence and potency to assess vaccine immunity. Our precise assays measure levels effectively, gauging vaccine effectiveness against infections with tailored approaches like viral neutralization test (PRNT, SNT/MNT, and PVNA), bactericidal assays, and cell-mediated immunity responses (cytokine evaluation, mixed MLR and T-cell/ B-cell interactions).