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Technology Driven Clinical Trials

Technology Driven Clinical Trials

Emerging technologies, development and commercializing new therapies is fast-paced, complex, and expensive. At Veeda we use emerging technologies, to improve the efficiency of Clinical research process and providing quality clinical research solutions to our national and international clients.

Veeda is always ahead of timeline in terms of meeting client’s expectations. With over 15 years of experience, Veeda offers you an End to End Clinical Trial Support through our robust technology, Extensive Drug Testing Environment and Unparalleled Customer Experience. Here at Veeda we use Bioanalytical, clinical and other integrated technologies to provide fast and quality clinical research solutions.

Veeda’s Bioanalytical Technologies

Equipment / SoftwareNumbers
- API 55005
- Shimadzu 80602
- Shimadzu 805013
- API 400012
- Shimadzu 80404
- API 32002
- API 30003
- API 20002
- Quattro Premier3
Micro-plate reader
Watson LIMS

Veeda’s Bioanalytical Technologies

Veeda Bioanalytical Robust technologies embrace range of equipment’s to support quantitation of NCE molecules, Small molecules and large molecules.

We have total of 46 LCMSMS systems, Two ICP-OES for elemental analysis, one spectrophotometer to support ELISA analysis. We have LCMSMS system with different platforms Such as two API 2000, three API 3000, twelve API 4000, three Waters Quattro premier XE, four Shimadzu 8040, five API 5500 and thirteen Shimadzu 8050. The instruments are able to support the analysis of molecule requiring quantitation from micrograms level to subpicograms level.

All the Data generated from analytical instruments are reviewed by the operators prior to saving, later it is imported to Watson LIMS, where the specific team of WATSON LIMS processes the data for generation of results. This linking of analytical output to WATSON LIMS helps in generation of results and without human intervention in an effective manner.

Watson LIMS is a fully integrated software system It’s allows:

  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Study Design
  • Calibration Curve Regression
  • Instrument Interfacing
  • Calculation of PK analysis
  • Graphing of Result
  • Reporting

All in a single server application

Veeda’s Clinical technologies

Our special care units are equipped with a wide range of equipment such as:

  • 1) ECG Machines (Mack 2000)
  • 2) Defibrillator ((BPL DF 2509R)
  • 3) Suction Machine
  • 4) Laryngoscope
  • 5) Cardiac Monitor
  • 6) Oxygen Cylinder with Ambu bag
  • 7) Glucometer
  • 8) Nebulizer
  • 9) Thermo-hygrometer
  • 10) Medicines crash cart trolley and its Accountability logbook,

The pharmacy area is controlled by role-based access and accessible to limited persons who are authorized by the management.

Veeda’s pharmacy has 5 humidity chambers with the capacity 800 liters, three walk in type stability chamber with capacity of 8000 and 18000 liters respectively with acceptance range for temperature 23±2˚C and humidity 40±5% RH. All chambers are connected with Kesar control system software for monitoring temperature and humidity at each 15 minutes interval.

We have pharmaceutical refrigerator, cooling cabinet with acceptance range 02 to 08˚C temperature which are centrally monitored through Eurotherm Chassell, which enables round-the-clock monitoring and raising an alarm in case of temperature going outside the acceptance range.

Veeda’s clinical sample processing area has two different set point of deep freezer -25°C and -80°C deep freezers for interim biological sample storage purpose. the operating range for -25°C deep freezer is -15°C to -30°C and the operating range for -78°C is -70°C to -86°C and also have refrigerated centrifuges for sample centrifugation activity with the operating range of -9°C to +40°C.

E-Screening of Volunteers

Veeda uses an interactive tool for Registration & E-Screening of Volunteers. Offered with minimum manual intervention and stepped up security, this tool is all set to revolutionise the manner in which clinical research is being conducted and maintained. It Captures primary details of volunteers & provides comprehensive integration with medical devices like ECG & linking of Eligible volunteer’s to study. After all, who wants the hassles of manual data management and screening when all you need is just a single click.

Leveraging Technology for Training & Development

Veeda has brought about a paradigm shift in ensuring continuous learning for its workforce. Enabling a Learning Management System customised to its needs, the TDD has been imparting courses, workshops and training sessions using indigenously developed e-modules. Learning at Veeda has been an anytime, anywhere experience; its adoption of the digital environment to deliver content and measure the efficacy of learning makes it possible to scale up without compromising on the agility to suit demands and requirements.

An in-house technology platform for course content creation and a dedicated team to deliver results, TDD’s Learning Program endeavours towards enabling effective regulatory compliance and deliver quality on time.

Trainings provided under Veeda’s eLearning Platform

  • SOP training & Self Trainings through emodules
  • External Trainings
  • Re-training
  • CAPA based trainings
  • Training on Policies
  • Refresher Training
  • TNI trainings
  • Guidelines trainings.

Other Integrated Technologies

Veeda’s systems and database operates across multiple virtual servers that are created on total 17 physical servers. Our computing and storage infrastructure is scalable . Regular backups for all study data are performed on a daily basis and transferred to media tape, which are then sent to external locations.

To create a controlled access, we have a setup of Domain-Client infrastructure. All Security policies are governed by Domain Server. No users are allowed to modify system specific settings, Date and Time etc.

Entrusted by Regulatory Authorities

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