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Bioavailability & Bioequivalence

Bioavailability & Bioequivalence

Bioequivalence is the absence of a significant difference in the rate and extent of absorption of the active ingredient that reaches systemic circulation (bioavailability). If products have equivalent bioavailability, it is considered they will have the same clinical effects. Bioavailability Bioequivalence Studies follow well-defined procedures and are performed:

  • In a randomised, cross-over design
  • Where all subjects receive both test medicines separated by a washout period (inter-subject variability is eliminated)
  • To measure the rate and extent of absorption of the active ingredient in plasma
  • To compare the plasma concentration time curves
Bioavailability and Bioequivalence

Bioequivalence Study of Bortezomib S.C. Injection

BA and BE Studies in Healthy Volunteers

BA and BE Studies in Healthy Volunteers

20 different dosage forms

  • Solid oral formulations [Tablets (Immediate release & modified release, e.g., ER, DR, SR), capsules, soft gels, sprinkles, etc.]
  • Parenteral formulations
  • Topical transdermal products (Patches, Cream, Ointments, Solutions)
  • Inhalation
  • Nasal and oral sprays
  • Rectal products (Suppository & foam)
  • Vaginal products (Tablet, cream, gel)
  • Long acting injectable
BA BE Studies
Medical Writing Services

Medical Writing Services

We have experienced and highly trained in-house medical writing professionals responsible for preparing the study documents in line with regulatory guidance and with the sponsor’s requirements.

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Protocol and its amendments
  • Informed consent documents
  • Case report form
  • Investigator’s brochure
  • Patient diary
  • Clinical study reports

Project Management Services

Veeda Clinical Research Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of services tailored for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies based in the United Kingdom, encompassing the entire process from feasibility assessment to the submission of clinical study reports. The management of clinical and bioequivalence studies is a detailed and intricate undertaking, involving continuous communication with sponsors, supervision of both pilot and pivotal bioequivalence studies, preparation of product feasibility documents, document finalization, provision of regulatory assistance, interpretation of pharmacokinetic and statistical bioequivalence data, and the timely submission of clinical study reports. Our team consists of experienced in-house project managers who are highly skilled and extensively trained. They act as the primary point of contact between sponsors and Veeda, playing a pivotal role in project planning, monitoring, control, and closure to ensure the successful execution of these critical studies.

Types of Studies

  • Conducted 3800+ BA BE studies in clinical research
  • Experience of handling FTF & time-sensitive studies
  • Performed studies for injectable, rectal suppositories, urine PK studies, oral DDS, local applications, inhalations, etc
  • Short to long residency studies, oral inhalation - Pulmonary deposition & therapeutic equivalence study, pharmacokinetic interaction studies, intravenous anesthetic drug BE study (e.g., Propofol) & glucose clamp studies
  • Dose-Proportionality studies & first-in-human studies (Phase-I trials)
Clinical or Bioequivalence Studies

Complex Studies (Glucose Clamp/ Inhalation/ Dermatology/ Suppository)

Glucose clamp

Veeda has an extensive experience in glucose clamp study, a technique widely used to find novel ways of treating metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver studies. The large number of glucose clamp studies carried out is testimony to the fact that Veeda has clinical experience and professional expertise, thereby making us trusted partners for a number of national and international clients. Veeda’s commitment to data quality without jeopardizing participant well-being and safety is proof of the organization’s commitment to transparency, safety, and ethical conduct of clinical trials.

Glucose Clamp Studies


Inhalation Drug Delivery System


Inhalation products belong to topical drug delivery systems. They are delivered through the pulmonary route. Inhalation study requires experienced staff, necessary infrastructure, and extensive training to volunteers for standardize the dosing procedure. We understand your need. Veeda’s state-of-the-art infrastructure and stable record of accomplishment with respect to regulatory compliance, quality, and ethics make it a go-to CRO for the perfect handling and execution of inhalation and inhalation toxicology studies.



Veeda has experience conducting multiple studies with suppositories. Database of compliant volunteers with experience of previous participation in the same type of studies. Trained and experienced staff with procedures to conduct dosing procedures. Clinics and pharmacies with controlled temperature and humidity to facilitate IMP handling.





Veeda has experience in conducting transdermal patch studies, bioequivalence (BE) with pharmacokinetic (PK) endpoints and adhesion studies, skin irritation, and sensitization study (Proof of Procedure). A proof of procedure study for evaluation of skin irritation parameters, to identify the study challenges and also to evaluate cumulative skin irritation potential of test products (control solutions) under occlusive patch conditions in healthy adult human subjects.

BA/BE Studies in Patients

Veeda is a prominent service provider for bioequivalence studies of 505(b)(2) and complex generic products in the United Kingdom. We have substantial expertise in performing patient-centered bioavailability and bioequivalence studies, and we are licensed to collaborate with leading hospitals and investigators. Our research portfolio spans across all major therapeutic fields, encompassing Oncology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, and Dermatology.

Pharmacokinetics Studies

Pharmacokinetics (PK) Studies

With our wide range of services, we provide project planning to build quality into PK studies from the start – with risk-mitigating strategies, efficient and effective time and budget planning, and optimizing performance. The team has experience working with the risk management plan, safety management plan, QA audit plan, IMP plan, data management plan, edit check plan, monitoring plan, project management plan, and PK sample management plan. The team is trained thoroughly to execute all these plans. Most importantly, the project managers are always prepared with a risk mitigation plan for unforeseen conditions that may occur during a PK study.

Clinical End Point Studies

Our clinical endpoint studies monitoring services include study procedure development, source document review, patient eligibility confirmation, patient compliance tracking, supply inventory management, adverse events reporting, regulatory compliance monitoring, and regulatory documentation maintenance.

Project managers provide solution-focused project management across our studies. They are a single point of contact, expertise in therapeutic equivalence studies. They provide meaningful insight into your recruitment challenges, evaluate the impact of competitive trials, and optimize patient access and retention.

They provide accountability and transparency with a proven track record of successful delivery. Timelines and risks are managed proactively, applying knowledge from past experiences to ensure efficient study management.

We have a vast database of investigators and site associations to ensure rapid identification of potential investigators and their patient populations to help ensure enrolment goals are met. We also train investigators and site teams on protocol requirements, industry best practices, and technology tools, such as electronic data capture.

Clinical Endpoint Studies

Why Veeda?

  • Veeda is an independent indian CRO with 16 years of experience
  • Veeda has conducted over 3800+ studies & has worked with over 200 (Bio)pharmaceutical companies around the world
  • Veeda has an exemplary regulatory record of successfully completing audits of USFDA, AGES, MHRA, ANVISA, WHO, NPA, ANSM, MCC, DCGI & NPRA
  • Due to stringent quality norms and transparency at all stages, Veeda is considered to be a preferred partner for many (Bio)pharmaceutical companies
  • Veeda’s has a vast experience in scientific and regulatory compliant protocol designing that enables the drug development process of Early to Late phase clinical trials
  • Veeda has over 900+ analytical methods & 60+ NCE molecules developed and validated so far
  • Veeda ensures study specific clinical safety measures for all subjects through risk mitigation strategies
  • Veeda has Quality Management System in place to capture any non-compliance or deviation identified during the study with an effective mechanism of corrective and preventive actions implemented