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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer comprehensive Project management, Medical writing, Clinical monitoring, Site management, Study feasibility, Site monitoring & selection, audits, and reports, as well as services for Patient recruitment and Retention to our global partners.

Our company has been thriving for over 17 years, consistently delivering scientific excellence in clinical trial services to sponsors worldwide, in addition to comprehensive Preclinical services, and clinical and Analytical services for Small and Large Molecules across various therapeutic areas.

With around 30 intensively monitored beds, 26 successfully completed Phase I studies, including SAD, MAD, Glucose Clamp, Food Effect, Relative BA, and Drug Interactions, and a team of scientists having in-depth knowledge and experience in handling the studies in diverse therapeutic areas, we are able to deliver comprehensive and adaptive Early-phase clinical trial offerings.

At Veeda, we provide complete clinical development solutions, including PK end point, Clinical end points,  Phase I to Phase IV trial services for Generic, Complex Generic, Biosimilar, and Innovator drug candidates in a variety of therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Respiratory, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Infectious diseases, and more.

We provide the entire clinical research strategy of a drug, which defines the critical path for the clinical program, including development, assessment, and decision points, as well as the project resources.

Veeda provides method development, method validation, Clinical sample analysis, Pharmacokinetic analysis, elemental bioanalysis, NCE clinical support, and Central laboratory services which are adaptable to different drug development program requirements as per sponsors.

Our wide range of techniques and technology platforms, such as LC-MS/MS (TQ and Trap), ICP-OES, SFC, Watson LIMS, BSL-2 Laboratory, and sufficient matrix storage capacity helps us meet the ever- changing and increasing demand of our clients for the innovative drugs coming through their pipelines.

Veeda Group provides Antibody Measurement, Biomarkers Assays, Cell-mediated Immunity assays (ELISpot, FACS), and Plaque Reduction Neutralization tests for Large Molecules.

Veeda group provides: Characterization, Preclinical, and Clinical services for Biosimilars with the help of innovative platforms like AegyrisTM , AmplattoTM, and Intelli.bTM

Our experienced regulatory team consistently produces high-quality submissions, ensuring key study milestones are met on time and that study goals meet the requirements of corresponding authorities.

Veeda Group has set foot in the Preclinical ecosystem by acquiring a majority stake in Bioneeds. Our Preclinical services include exploratory studies: Dose-limiting toxicology studies, Dose escalation toxicology studies; IND-enabling safety studies and bio-analysis; Toxicokinetic analysis; Preclinical bioanalytical services; and many more.