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Brochure / Flyer

01. Vaccine brochure
02. Infectious disease brochure
03. Oncology - Large Molecule Capabilities
04. Phase 1 Trials Expertise | Veeda
05. Oncology- Small Molecules Development Capabilities
06. Large molecule brochure
07. Veeda Group Brochure
08. Complex Generics Capabilities
09. Preclinical Drug Development Program
10. Aripiprazole LAI: An Overview of Veeda’s Approach to streamline Schizophrenia Drug Trials
11. Olaparib - An Overview of PARP Inhibitors and Clinical Trials
12. Veeda's Capabilities in Pazopanib Clinical Trials
13. Biostatistics and Clinical Trials Data Management
14. Determination of Free Doxorubicin and Liposomal Doxorubicin in K3EDTA Human Plasma
15. Trial Design for COVID Studies
01. Determination of Doxorubicin in Human Plasma
02. Approach for Quantitation of Iron in Human Serum Samples

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