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Veeda Group strengthens clinical trials arm and brings oncology focus through Heads acquisition

  • Veeda Group to acquire complete range of clinical trial services, from Phase I to IV. A unique collaborative opportunity for Veeda Group to leverage its vast experience in early-stage clinical trials with the late-stage clinical trials experience of Heads.
  • Health Data Specialists (Heads) is a full-service Global Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to the conduct of clinical trials across various therapy areas, with deep therapeutic expertise in Hemato-Oncology trials.

Putting Patients First

With the acquisition of Heads, we’re taking a significant step forward in our commitment to advancing innovative drug development while prioritizing the well-being and involvement of every patient. By integrating innovative approaches and expertise, we aim to improve patient comprehension, enhance patient recruitment, and encourage participation across diverse demographics, including individuals of varying racial and ethnic backgrounds, genders, ages, abilities, socioeconomic statuses, and educational levels. This strategy ensures equitable access to trials and drives the development of innovative drugs that benefit all patients.

Enriched Client Collaboration

The union of Veeda Group and Heads signals a major step forward in our dedication to advancing clinical research and strengthening late-phase clinical development capabilities, specifically tailored to the needs of innovator and biologic drug products. This acquisition ensures seamless service delivery across all stages of drug development, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions from preclinical to clinical and expands our reach globally. With experienced scientists, a global KOL network, and access to multiple sites located strategically across 26 different geographies, we’re poised to deliver exceptional results worldwide.

Value for Customers
Our expanded services portfolio, broader geographic presence, deep therapeutic expertise, and advanced data-driven solutions offer enhanced, globally scaled offerings for all clients, including the opportunity to conduct trials involving patients from different ethnicities.

Continuity & Delivery
Introducing a robust integration strategy led by our Group CEO, ensuring minimal disruption to client services and a smooth, gradual blending of our shared goal, purpose, and commitment to customers as one unified entity.

Our Strength, Our Employees

As we embark on this journey of integration and expansion, we are committed to Nurturing Individual Growth across our combined entities, a principle deeply embedded in our core values. Additionally, we recognize the importance of cultural integration, and we are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment where the strengths and traditions of both organizations can thrive. Open communication will be at the heart of our approach, fostering transparency and facilitating a smooth transition for all. Our commitment to continuous training and development remains unwavering, as we cultivate a culture that supports your personal and professional growth. Together, we will leverage our collective strengths to drive success. Your dedication and contributions are integral to our shared success, and we’re confident that, as one united team, we will help our clients bring innovative medicines to patients worldwide.

Way Forward

As we move forward, we’re excited about the integration and global reach that the acquisition brings. With our combined resources, we’re positioned to deliver results with speed and efficiency. Our integrated approach ensures seamless service delivery, while our global presence enables us to conduct trials worldwide. Together, as one unified team under the Veeda Group banner, we’re committed to driving innovation & delivering excellence in the end to end drug development journey.

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