Issue 1 JANUARY 2019

The Veeda Newsletter


Challenges and opportunities for Indian pharma industry

As we all know, India is the largest provider of generic drugs globally. The Indian pharma industry supplies over half of the global demand for vaccines, one third of the demand for generics in the US and one fourth per cent of all medicines in the UK.
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Recommendations and way forward for Indian biosimilars industry: Road to a sustainable future

The techtonic shift of global healthcare from small molecules to biologics is hard to ignore anymore and considering the imminent problems that biologic drugs bring forth in terms of drug pricing and affordability, the role of biosimilars has never been more important.
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New growth tonic for Indian pharma industry

India is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of generic drugs and complex formulations. It accounts for 20 per cent of global generics exports volume and ranks among the top five fastest-growing pharma markets.
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Stricter checks for generic medicines in India

To boost public confidence in generic medicines, India’s drug controller is putting stringent quality
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Indian pharmaceutical market update

With around 1.3 billion residents, India is home to just a fraction fewer people than China, the world’s
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