Issue 1 JANUARY 2019

The Veeda Newsletter

2018 Highlights

The most popular clinical research resources from 2018

At IMARC, we pride ourselves on being trusted advisors. It’s our greatest privilege to support clinical research sponsors and help them earn approval to bring their devices to market.
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The Key Biosimilars Developments of 2018

2018 was a banner year for biosimilars, with the number of FDA-aproved biosimilar products nearly doubling, and with major policy, business, and regulatory developments that moved the biosimilars marketplace forward.
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2018—A Year in Research

Once again, it’s time to reflect on the preceding 12 months. Despite the 2025 deadline for effective therapy that has been set by the National Alzheimer’s Plan and the World Dementia Council, 2018 brought no drug approvals or Phase 3 breakthroughs.
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The Most-Read Contributor Articles of 2018

There were a variety of developments in the biosimilars space in 2018, and our expert contributors responded to those changes with in-depth insights that reflected the complexity of the biosimilars landscape.
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Year in Review: The Top-Five U.S. Biosimilar Market Developments of 2018

Here are our picks for the top-five most significant U.S. biosimilar market developments in 2018:
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