Bioanalytical Expertise
Veeda CR is one of the India's leading research institutes, dedicated to improving the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. Our bioanalytical staff (more than 250) provides technical services to national and international Pharma companies. Bioanalytical has capacity to analyze >100000 samples per Month. Veeda bioanalytical has a proven regulatory track record and regulatory compliant environment to fulfill regulatory and sponsor's satisfaction.
Veeda clinical research provides bioanalytical services to support clinical studies. Our experienced scientists offer a full range of LC/MS/MS bioanalytical services, from method development, method validation, and sample analysis as per regulatory requirement. Veeda's familiarity and compliance with regulatory requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), EMEA, ANVISA and other agencies enable our clients to have complete confidence in the quality and acceptability of all analytical data. Veeda has 46 LCMSMS machines and can analyze samples using multiple machines thereby reducing the overall days of analysis in some timebound studies
  • Method development and validation for a wide spectrum of drug substances
  • Quantitative analysis at sub-picogram /mL concentrations
  • Chiral Molecule Analysis.
  • Complex bioanalysis of bound and Total drug
  • Bioanalysis of conjugated and total drug (By enzymatic Process)
  • Hormones and vitamin analysis.
Veeda's Methods has >96% acceptance for ISR till 2016 vs. the mandatory prescribed 67% by regulatory agencies.
Facility and Instrumentation :
State-of-the-art laboratory facilities for bio analysis
  • Latest Instrumentation/multiple equipments and technology to ensure project completion with quick-turnaround time.
  • Access controlled Freezer room (for sample storage) with power back up and 24*7 temperature Monitoring and alarm system.
  • Access controlled entry and exit facility.
  • Separate sample processing laboratory.
  • LC-MS/MS laboratory.
  • ICP-OES laboratory.
  • Large molecule/high end processing lab.
  • LIMS-Watson LIMS (Laboratory information management System) for all bioanalytical data management.
Working Closely with Our Clients :
Veeda's technical, research, and development services meet the highest standards of professional performance to satisfy the unique requirements of our clients. We work closely with our clients to identify their requirements and clarify their expectations, including cost and time constraints. Veeda extends its excellence in research and technical services to its business systems and processes, making it easy for clients, subcontractors, and vendors to partner with us.
Our Capabilities :
  • State of the art Bio-analytical Unit with more than 400 validated assays in its library of compounds, 35 NCE methods & 20 more under development.
  • Team having experience in understanding the challenges of study design and logistics of study execution
  • Proven regulatory track record with 11 USFDA, 5 European, 4 WHO & 7 ANVISA audits
  • Trusted CRO partner to 10 of the world's top 15 Global Pharmaceutical Companies

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