Balance Score Card Meeting and Workshop Conducted at VEEDA CR.
Veeda Clinical Research conducted Balance Score Card (BSC) workshop and meeting last week for its employees. Mr. Binoy Gardi and Mr. Apurva Shah, are strong advocates of the BSC. They believe that having a BSC for the whole organization will enhance Veeda’s ability to implement its vision ‘To strive for excellence in quality to become the partner of choice to all our sponsors and stake holders Accordingly Veeda started working on BSC almost a year back and prepared the strategy map of Veeda. Both Apurva Shah and Binoy Gardi believe that the implementation of the BSC will allow Veeda to monitior “Quality” in a more effective way. In fact because of the BSC the weightage given for the end of year appraisal for Quality metrics for each individual varies from 30% to 90%.  
In the Month of May for a period of 1 week an intensive works shop was conducted by Dr. Venu Madhav and Mr. Binoy Gardi .They had 8 workshops with 30 people attending each workshop. In each workshop there were teams of 5- 7 people who prepared a mock BSC based on the case study and then presented this to the group. For each workshop one team was awarded a prize for the best presentation and understanding of the BSC. The prize was a meal for the whole team at the local restaurant.  
Dr. Venu Madhav, COO of VEEDA CR said that “BSC is an effective tool which helps the employees and the organization in breaking the big goals into its component parts and setting quantifiable performance bench marks for each of them to act upon, to monitor and to change if required to meet the objective of big goal or organizational goal. This BSC workshop and meeting sessions were highly interactive and the teams participated with enthusiasm and showed huge interest. Looking at the success and result of BSC meeting Veeda CR is planning to conduct more such workshops to address some key areas and to improve & enhance the performance of its employees in future so that they can deliver their best and all together can achieve the organizational goal with quality”.

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