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Glucose clamp

Veeda has an extensive experience in glucose clamping studies, a technique widely used to find novel ways of treating metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver studies. The large number of glucose clamp studies carried out is testimony to the fact that Veeda has the clinical experience and professional expertise, thereby making us trusted partners for a number of national and international clients. Veeda’s commitment to data quality without jeopardizing participant well-being and safety is proof of the organization’s commitment to transparency, safety, and ethical conduct of clinical trials.

Glucose clamp study capabilities of veeda

  • Veeda is a best BA BE CRO in India for Glucose Clamp Studies.
  • Performed 810 Clamps.
  • Sate of Art 12 beds phase I unit with advanced equipment & trained staff for Phase 1 clinical trials.

Veeda’s clinical facilities that support glucose clamp studies

  • 12 state-of-art beds in Phase I unit with stature lifts that have back-up generators
  • Well-equipped special care area to handle medical emergencies with provisions such as cardiac monitor, defibrillator, ECG machine, suction machine, oxygen cylinder, cardiac arrest kit, and anaphylaxis kit.
  • Resuscitation centre with resuscitation trolley and all necessary and movable emergency medications and equipment.
  • In-house ambulance.
  • Tertiary care tie up with Sterling hospital, Gujarat, a 280 bedded multi-specialty hospital for sophisticated and advanced emergency medical care.
  • Fire and chemical hazard systems with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and well-maintained equipment

Veeda Experience with Glucose Clamping

Number of studies 14
Number of subjects 300+
Number of clamps 810
Duration of clamps: -
8 hours 4 (226 Clamps)
12 hours 1 (180 clamps)
24 hours 5 (308 Clamps)
36 hours 1 (36 Clamps)

Throughout these programmes there have been no significant adverse events

Veeda Capabilities – Technical Advances

  • We have developed automated (computer algorithm-directed) glucose infusion rate adjustment program, for the manual glucose infusion rate adjustments.
  • Automated glucose infusion pump, for controlled infusion of 20% glucose
  • Alternative approaches to blood glucose measurement to minimise blood sampling quantity without losing precision and control.
  • Availability of Scientific Experts
  • New algorithms

Veeda Capabilities – Equipments

  • DASH 4000 cardiac safety monitor for continuous safety monitoring of volunteers.
  • Heated Hand Boxes/Blanket: Provides a realistic alternative which minimizes the difficulties inherent in venous sampling.
  • Good number in healthy volunteer data base who have previously participated in clamp studies and are used to compliance and restrictions to be required.
  • Experience of Clamp ranging from 8 hrs. To 36 hrs. duration.
  • Able to do 4-6 clamps per day.
  • YSI 2300 glucose analyser.

Veeda Capabilities – Subject Safety


  • All study staff is GCP trained;
  • All physicians are ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) trained by AHA (American Heart Association) certified trainer
  • All nursing staff is BLS (Basic Life Support) trained by AHA certified trainer
  • Study staff who come in direct contact with volunteer like custodians, phlebotomists, project coordinators, security persons are BLS trained
  • Refresher BLS/ACLS training is done quarterly
  • Practical demonstration of special care instruments done every 6 months

Clamp protocol training

  • Study staff will be trained for protocol by investigator using protocol synopsis
  • After training Investigator will delegate duty to study staff based on their experience, qualification and training
  • Study staff will undergo training for SOP of special instruments used in study such as YSI, infusion pump
  • Clamp scientists will be trained for glucose clamp algorithms by Investigator
  • Nursing staff will be trained for adjustment of glucose infusion based on algorithms by Investigator

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