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Veeda Clinical Research

Veeda Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. derives its name from the Sanskrit word 'Veda', meaning knowledge or wisdom. The name represents our firm belief in scientific knowledge and technical expertise to provide quality solutions. We are innovators with a foresight because of which we were the first ones at many instances to embrace new advancements and technologies with a vision to deliver enhanced solutions on time. We strongly believe in scientific excellence through teamwork and this has led us to become the safest and the most competent partner for the Pharmaceutical World and recognized as one of the best clinical research companies globally.
Veeda CR is an independent Clinical Research Organization established in the year 2004 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Veeda CR was established with a vision of creating a CRO pharma with an in-depth scientific know-how, technical edge and better foresight for clinical trials, an objective of becoming a catalyst for enhanced drug development to facilitate better patient treatments. With more than a decade of experience Veeda CRO in India has now become one of the most desired partners to the Pharmaceutical fraternity globally for conducting their clinical studies to deliver safe and quality clinical research solutions with no compromise on ethical practices.
Veeda was established by experienced senior professionals with a vision to set-up a premium Clinical Research Organization known for its Independence, Knowledge and Quality. These Goals were achieved by Veeda CR Founders because of their sole-focus on "High Value system", "No-compromise on Ethics" and an aptitude for "Continuous Learning for Advancement of Science" in order to improve the quality of Human Life.
At Veeda CR, not just we believe in our value system based on honesty and integrity, we also imbibed our values to practice openness and continuously innovate on our methodologies to achieve excellence. Such an approach coupled with humility keeps us grounded and stay focused towards nurturing individual growth of our scientists and thereby achieve overall organizational growth. Such unique virtues emanating from our value system helps us to forge ahead as a remarkable strength in the scientific fraternity at large. The work environment at Veeda is truly representative of our belief system where our personnel take pride in owning their responsibilities and not compromise on quality and ethics. The core strength of Veeda lies within the Veeda team who personalized the organizational ideology and objectives with a seamless alignment resulting in exponential outcomes.
Veeda Clinical Research Organization boasts of well-designed, world class, custom-built and regulatory compliant clinical research infrastructure to facilitate conduct of quality research. It is spread over a total floor area of approximately 1,46,000 sq.ft., divided to cover the Clinical Units (88,000 sq.ft. approximately), Bio analytical Laboratory area (38,000 sq.ft. approximately) and other supporting infrastructure.

Our Expertise:

  • BA BE
  • Central Bioanalytical Services
  • First-in-Man Studies
  • Drug Interaction Studies
  • Glucose Clamp Studies
  • Patient PK Studies
  • Clinical Trials
  • Inhalation
  • PD Endpoint studies
  • Complex Bioanalysis (Vitamins etc.)
  • Elemental Bioanalysis
  • Biosimilars / Immunogenicity Studies
  • Pharmacovigilance Services

Our exemplary regulatory track record

33 times
7 times
5 times
3 times
1 times
South Africa - MCC
1 times
NPRA - Malaysia
4 times
13 times